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LEI specialists focused on providing value to HMDA reporters

The Ecosystem

Accreditation flows from the GLEIF. It is a non-profit standards organization. There’s a lot of weight behind it. You might not be familiar with its operation. There is no need to be. Accreditation flow is handled through proper contractual affiliation. Our place in the scheme is an official Registration Agent. This means we interact with a managing LOU. The LOU adheres to all technical guidelines devised and promulgated by ISO and the GLEIF, making sure LEIs are compliant and non-repudiable. Imagine what a process this is: the global LEI registration database is unlimited by jurisdiction. Ours, RapidLEI, places an emphasis on issuance speed. We manage all back-office functions and do the dirty-work; provide checks in proprietary state corporate registers, get the right signature and apply for your LEI.

Dedicated LEI Registration Agent Services

There is an access gap in the United States. We want to breach it. Dedicated providers do not exist. LEIs are the core component of our business. Feel comfortable knowing your organization will never slip through the compliance cracks for this small, but potentially game-changing company identification code. Comfort is key.

Colored, 20-digit alphanumeric universal company ID